Where is your house?

Do you remember the cards? Now everything is ready. I call this game "Quick Speed"

This game is for three players. When the cards are mixted, we must split it all the cards among the three players. After deciding the order of play, we will turn the cards face down and discover the first of them.

When your image coincides with one picture of the two other players, they must say the image's name. The later will take the cards. 

You can look at these other kids. They are playing the same game, so you can learn better.

Elsa comes running to the park

Where is the cat? from Daniel López Castelló

It's too late! Where do you live? Find your house on the map! Do you remember where are the buildings we've seen?

  • Next to the park there are a Supermarket.
  • The Supermarket is between the City Hall and the Church.
  • Behind the park there is the Library.
  • Behind of the library there is a house, and near it there is the School.
  • Not far of the school there are two houses and there is the Chemist.
  • Next to the Chemist is your house!

All right, let's go! Your house is a little far away!
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