New at the city

I live in a house at this big city full of buildings. 
There is a school, a library and a church, too. 
There are two chemists and three restaurants near the city hall. 
There is a supermarket and a museum, too. 

Well, if you don't believe me, i can show you all the buildings.

City Buildings from Daniel López Castelló

What buildings are in your city?  

Pick a sheet of paper and a blue pen to write a list of your buildings of your city. When you finish the task, talk with the class partners for do a general list for your teacher.

Well, if you know all the names of the buildings, you can help me with something.
I'm learning to play a game, but for this I need to complete the cards. Can you help me?

  • Write the name of the buildings and color them. The teacher will provide the cards.

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